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Camden Calm

Set in the suburbs of Dallas, this custom-built home has great bones, but it's southern-traditional style and décor did not fit the taste of its new homeowners. Family spaces and bedrooms were curated to allow for transition as the family grows. Unpretentious and inviting, these spaces better suit their lifestyle.

The living room was updated with refreshing, high-contrast paint, and modern lighting. A low-rise and deep seat sectional allows for lounging, cuddling, as well as pillow fort making. Toys are out of site in large wicker baskets, and fragile decorative objects are placed high on shelves, making this cozy space perfect for entertaining and playing.

The first floor guest room was transformed into a dusty rose, light-filled nursery for a long awaited baby girl. The room was designed with warm wood tones, soft neutral textiles, and specially curated artwork.

A second floor bedroom for a young toddler boy features a soft sage paint, earth-gray carpet and black and white framed prints. A sweet built-in bookshelf, houses favorite toys and books.

Photographs by Amber Tice Photography

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